The Month of May

Spring time, while it beckons in the beginning of nice days and family adventures, it also means a great deal of yard/garden work for the Stitch To Stitch household.  As much as I love to sew it can’t compete with my love and plants and my desire to work outside in the garden.  So as the weather warmed and the weather allowed, we’ve spent our time outside tending to and nurturing the new life erupting and preparing the soil for what we will encourage to grow.  (Which helps to explain the lapse in blog posts the last six weeks or so.)

Thankfully, most of the “big” work is done.  All of the tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, sweet corn and beans are planted.  All of the necessary trees, shrubs and perennials pruned.  All of the winter debris cleared out of the raspberry patch.  All of the stuff that didn’t survive our strange, too-warm winter was replaced with new plants.  All I have to do yet is plant the carrots and the beets (trying something new this year) and plant annuals to put some color in the flowerbeds.

On top of that I finished and shipped 19 orders, made a dress for my daughter’s preschool graduation and somehow managed to keep the house presentable and the family fed.  Although barely.  :)

Now I can turn my attention back to getting some new items up in the shop!

2 thoughts on “The Month of May

    • Yes, peonies! They are along that back fence straight out from the sliding glass door. They’re not the same deep red but they remind me of the bushes that were along the East side of the house on the farm. :)

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