Stitch Schedule

I am a list maker: grocery lists, cleaning lists, to-do lists.  I scribble notes in notebooks, write them in my phone, scrawl them across small scraps of envelopes and papers to be recycled.  They litter the kitchen counters, peek out from stacks of stuff on my sewing table, find their way into the console of my vehicle and line the inside of my purse like a personalized tapestry.

Lists keep me organized.  They help me to remember the things I need to do and to stay on track.  I buy less junk at the grocery store when I write a list.  I don’t forget to buy white thread at Joann’s when I write a list.  I find myself staying on track and feeling accomplished during the day when I write a list.

I joke with people about how since my brain surgery the important stuff must slip out of the missing piece of my skull.  :)  In all seriousness though, I know my lack of remembering stuff is a combination of getting older, not getting enough sleep and plain and simple just trying to remember too many things.

Trying to remember all the stuff I want/need to do for the shop can be hard to manage at times.  There are many facets to running a small business–much more than just buying fabric and sewing!  To ensure I’m staying on top of things such as marketing and book keeping, I know I needed to write the tasks down and make them highly visible. A weekly list, of sorts, of the tasks that I need to be mindful of.

So yesterday morning, when planning my week –both personally and for the shop– I finally sat down and wrote out a loose business schedule. 

stitch to stitch schedule

The schedule is written on a sheet of printing paper about 60″ wide by 22″ high and will hang on the wall in my sewing studio.  It’s much harder to ignore a schedule when it’s written in black permanent marker!  Hopefully this constant reminder will help me stay on track and manage my time more efficiently.

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