Special Occasion Dress PROMO

About a month ago, I had a potential customer contact me about having 5 flowergirl dresses made.  Unfortunately the eyelet fabric I use for them has been discontinued by the supplier so I was down to less than 6 yards on hand — just enough to make 2, maybe 3 dresses.  Certainly not the 5 dresses she wanted.  As much as I hated to lose the sale it was out of my control.  I’d contacted a handful of sellers on Etsy that use the se fabric for the dresses in an attempt to buy it directly from them, to no avail.  Everyone is in the same position as I am.  They’re running out of their fabric and are disappointed about it not being available to purchase anymore.

So I went on a fabric-finding mission.  Armed with an item number, a product description and the main customer service number, my task began.  After almost an hour on the phone I had tracked down 2 stores in Minnesota showing more than 15 yards in stock.  Due to weirdness in inter-state tax laws I couldn’t order directly from that store and have it shipped to me (which I’m still not 100% sure why, especially since I’m tax exempt anyway) so I had to contact a local store and have them set up a special order to bring the fabric into their location.

After 4 days of many frustrating hours on the phone and more curse words than I care to elaborate on, I had almost 30 yards of fabric paid for and on its way to me from somewhere in Minnesota.  Well, on its way to the Idaho Falls where I could pick it up after it arrived.

I now have enough of the eyelet fabric on hand to make 15-17 dresses, depending on the dress size.  Just in time to get ready for spring/summer wedding season! 

To celebrate I’m offering 15% off my normal dress price on all pre-orders placed before January 31st, 2012.  Contact me through my Etsy shop or email me to take advantage of this promotion.

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