Sewing Organization

One of the best ways to stay productive, is to make sure your sewing room/space stays organized.  When your stuff is easy to find you’ll spend less time looking for things and more time crafting!

Use storage containers with clear drawers to organize sewing notions.  The clear drawers allows you to see what’s inside them without having to rifle through everything.  The red unit is the type you buy at a hardware store; the white ones can be bought from your everyday, big-box store such as Target or Wal-Mart.

Keep all of your cutting and marking tools contained, yet close at hand.  This crock is perfect for holding scissors, pencils/pens, sewing gauges, turning tools, etc — it’s heavy enough that it won’t tip over and wide enough to fit a large amount of stuff.  It sits on the corner of my cutting table so my rotary cutters are always within reach.  My husband’s Aunt gave this to me years ago (it’s a piece she made), I love that I get to look at it almost every day!

Take advantage of unused space!  I used some of the removable 3M hooks to hang my rulers on the side of the bookshelf.  The bookshelf sits directly next to the cutting table so my rulers are within reach when I’m cutting (they’re also right next to my cutting tools).  I was continuously losing my rulers within stacks of fabrics so this has worked out fantastically!

Organize your fabric so it’s easy to see!  I put smaller pieces of cotton in these square cubbies, grouped (somewhat) by color.  Larger pieces are wrapped on fabric organizers and stored in laundry baskets or clear storage containers.  Just be careful of direct sunlight to avoid fading your fabrics.  You can always store them in closed cabinets, colored storage containers or fashion a curtain to keep them out of harm’s way.  With my sewing room being in the basement, the direct sunlight into the room is limited; my fabrics are stored directly under the window so they are shadowed by the sun coming through the window.

Happy sewing!

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