Sewing List, For Me

I’m not sure what brought it on, (perhaps the e-mail from with laminated cotton on sale) but all of the sudden I’ve got the bug to make myself a hooded raincoat.  Yeah, yeah, I have a lightweight jacket that is completely water resistant.  And it has a hood.  But it looks like this.

Please ignore the fashion statement I was making with the double layer hats (it was cold AND snowing and I needed something warm that would keep snow out of my face) and the fabulous scarf (Big Girl decided she no longer wanted it and felt it would look much better on me than hanging off the backpack).

But I think it’s time for something cuter.

This pattern by Amy Butler has caught my eye:

Made in one of these fabrics:

The only thing holding me back right now is the cost.  Well, and I can’t decide which of those fabrics I like the best.  But with each laminated fabric costing $15-18/yard, the pattern calling for 3-4 yards of BOTH the laminated cotton and a lining fabric and the $16 pattern itself I’m looking at a starting point of $100.

Looks like I need to work on my marketing a bit and increase my sales for the upcoming month.  :)

One thought on “Sewing List, For Me

  1. So I think I may have that pattern sitting in my stack at home…I love it too! If it’s in the pile, it will be headed your way shortly :)

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