Pushing Creativity

I’m continuing to be super busy with orders (which I love), but squeezing in some side projects any time I can!

The big project today was working on some creative diapering solutions for a neighbor.  Her little boy is in a cast to help correct infantile scoliosis and they are struggling with how to diaper him to keep the cast clean/dry.  We’ve come up with some initial ideas and I’m hoping we can get something that works without needing too many revisions!  I’m excited to find a way to help make this journey a little easier for them.  :)

On the business front, I’m dreaming up new ideas for the ruffle rompers that have been selling so well!  Last week I bought some gorgeous dupioni silk in cream/ivory that I can’t wait to play with. 

Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Pushing Creativity

  1. It’s so kind of you to help look after your neighbor’s little boy. My husband has scoliosis, though thankfully it hardly slows him down. Isn’t it amazing how far medical treatment has come for that?

    • It is amazing! I had brain surgery almost 3 years ago and we were SO fortunate to have all the help we did. So I try my best now to lend an extra helping hand when people are going through medical challenges.

  2. You are AMAZING…thank you for taking the time to do this out of your busy schedule. That picture you posted of what you’ve done so far looks just like what I had in mind after our discussion Friday. I”m still amazed that you thought of this…when my engineer husband and I had spent quite a bit of time trying to think of things that would work, and we never thought of something as simple as this. 😉 lol.

    • I just hope it works for you guys! And sometimes it’s easier to see a solution when you’re a little removed from everything. 😉 (I’m also fantastic at coming up with simple solutions, as opposed to difficult ones.)

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