Photography Skills

Having the new camera has certainly been a learning experience!  Back in the summer I took a class at the local camera shop and it helped tremendously.  Truthfully the best way to learn is to just shoot, shoot, shoot and adjust the settings as I go.  I’m trying my hardest to take it out of the “auto” mode and play

A Step in the Journey — Photography Challenge

with the settings as much as possible.  One of my goals for the coming year is to challenge myself to learn to photograph one new scene/shot every two weeks. 

There are a couple of challenges floating around on the internet and Pinterest but I don’t have the time for a 30-day one.  I think I’ll take this 20-week one and spread it out a little.  If time permits I’ll do them once a week but my guess is the 2-week span will fit better in my schedule. 

I’ll make sure to post photos as I go.

I spent the other night working on shots while we decorated the Christmas tree.  It’s a long way from great but I am pleased with how they turned out.

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