Pattern Testing

As I’ve said before, I adore the patterns done by Denise at Whimsy Couture.  Love, love, LOVE them.  So when she posts a request for pattern testers I jump at the chance to get my hands on a new pattern of hers!

Just as I was posting about sewing a rain jacket for myself, she put a shout-out on her Facebook page looking for testers to work on a new pattern for a reversible hooded girls’ jacket.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at a rain jacket for Big Girl.  Instead of making it reversible I’d use a water-resistant fabric (such as oil cloth or laminated cotton) for the outer fabric and something soft and comfy for the interior lining.

Brilliant idea!

As soon as I heard a confirmation from Denise, we headed to the fabric store to see what we could scrounge up locally.  And on sale of course.  I rarely step foot into Joann’s without one of their signature 40% off coupons.  😉

With only a little guidance from me, I let Big Girl pick out the fabrics — I’ve learned this increases the chances of her wearing the item significantly — and then some coordinating buttons to compliment the front.

This is what we came up with!

oilcloth rainjacket by stitch to stitch

Girls' Rain Jacket

Bright colors to cheer up rainy days

lined rain jacket by stitch to stitch

Incredibly soft and warm minky lining

3 Coordinating Buttons

Good for throwing snowballs!

Absolutely perfect for your favorite little girl.

I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll list this exact jacket in the store or not.  Truthfully, it was difficult to sew and the cost of fabrics wasn’t cheap (even on sale I spent almost $20 just on materials); so the sale cost would need to reflect that.  Which could very well price myself right out of any possible sales.

I need to do some more thinking and see what kind of variations I can come up with that would make my costs lower and my frustration minimal.

On another note — this was a fantastic pattern and I highly recommend purchasing it.  When it’s available for sale I’ll pass along the info.

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