New Items for Spring

Life is still chaotic here in the Stitch To Stitch household — just when I think that I’m getting it under control, something else goes haywire and I end up learning how to rejuggle everything to make it work again.

I’d found myself getting into a good groove a few weeks ago:  computer work and photos in the morning, sewing when the kids were all napping in the afternoon and after they went to bed at night.  Then my toddler decided she no longer needed to nap (and instead try to tear my sewing room apart if I tried to let her play while I worked) and the baby only wants me to rock him to sleep until I can safely transfer him to bed at 9:30pm or so.  Which means my sewing time has been drastically cut short again.

Just as I hit my stride, I managed to get some new things up and listed in the shop and they’re doing really well so far.

Girls Yellow White and Grey Chevron Dress with Removable Flower

Girls Pink and White Chevron Peasant Dress with removable sash


There are more things in the works, so keep your eyes open! 

Don’t forget you can always follow shop updates over on my Facebook page if you want to stay up to date with what’s going on.  Thanks to the wonders of a smartphone, I’m much more active over there.

Amanda at Stitch To Stitch

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