This is a preview of what I’m ordering.  I wanted something simple for now.  Maybe in the future I’ll design something a little bit more “showy”.

The first one is to make my items CPSIA compliant.  It pretty much tracks an item back to the manufacturer should their be a recall (this mainly stems from the problems and resulting recalls of imported children’s toys over the last couple years) and buyers need to check if they are affected.  It will fold in half and be sewn in — probably at the neck or waist line — so that all you see at first is the store name and website.

The second label meets the FTC requirements for care instructions.  I’m not sure if I will sew them in with the first label or attach them inside a side seam.  That will be determined once I get them and see them in person.

Yay!  One more thing to check off of my “to-do” list for launch!

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