Feverish Friday

There is a pile of cut fabric growing taller and taller on my sewing table — bodice pieces in gorgeous ivory for heirloom dress, skirt panels in muslin and creamy cotton with raised floral accents, lengths of lace and ribbon trim, pant leg and ruffle pieces in cozy corduroy…but today all of it will have to wait.  Baby Girl got sick last Friday with what we thought was a cold; it has continued on all week, unrelenting; yesterday she spiked a fever of 103.  A trip to the pediatrician gave us no more answers but instructions on what to do.  If she’s not feeling better by this afternoon we’re back to the office for some testing.  With regular doses of medicine I can’t get the fever much below 101 so my guess is we’ll be venturing to the doctor’s office on this cold, blustery afternoon.

So for now, the pile remains untouched and my attention focuses on this little one and her needs.  I should be back in business by Monday.  On days like today I’m incredibly grateful for the ability to set my own schedule.

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