Dust Bunnies are Hoppin’

We’ve all seen them.

We all have them.

You know you do, even if you’d like to deny it.  Even if you have a housecleaner that comes in and does your dirty work for you once a week.

If you doubt me–check under your couch, behind your television cabinet and in that cavernous space under your bed.  They might not be great in numbers but they’ll be there.  Those silly little dust bunnies that accumulate in unused, undisturbed spaces.  If left to their own devices they multiply at rates only calculable by modern devices.

Luckily for me, mine reproduce the most quickly in one of the most well-used, busy AND most obvious spaces in my house.  (Well-used, busy and obvious to me.)  My sewing desk has become their favorite stomping ground.

Truthfully, there are times I fear a mutiny.

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