Ruffle Dress Sneak Peak

UPS dropped off Riley Blake deliciousness while I was out running errands with the girls last Friday.  Due to a jam packed weekend schedule — it was our wedding anniversary after all — I opened the packages but set the bolts of fabric downstairs in my studio, not even picking up my rotary cutter until yesterday afternoon.

Don’t worry, I had visions and ideas bouncing through my head most of the weekend!  So when I sat down yesterday I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

This is what came together after a couple hours of work.

Not fair, I know!  I will tell you that it’s a super cute peasant dress with half sleeves and a ruffle panel down the front of the dress.  Hopefully it will be ready to list in the shop within the next couple of weeks.  :)

Happy Sewing!

What a Week!

This has been one of those weeks that I’d like to either forget quickly, or have the option to re-do, in the hopes of it going better!  It all started last weekend with TWO emergency service calls on Saturday (a water leak and a circuit board that quit on the furnace), a Saturday visit to the pediatrician for both sick girls, a dog that ate the corner off of the afghan my grandmother crocheted for me 20 years ago, my husband out of town for work, a finicky gas gauge in my vehicle, organizing tax stuff, troubles with the postal service, me getting sick and a babysitter that bailed, leaving me to scramble for a replacement!

Which meant little time for Stitch To Stitch stuff, especially the blog!  Thankfully I could sneak in some sewing here and there as my sick girls napped and with my husband being gone at night I had free time after the house settled down for the night. 

To end the week on a good note though, I have my first wholesale order from Riley Blake coming today with FOUR BOLTS of fabric!  (I seriously could have ordered three times that many, but my bank account wouldn’t allow for it right now.)  And I managed to crank out a new dress for the shop earlier this week.  It’s on it’s way to a fabulous new photographer I’m excited to work with.

Happy Sewing!

Pattern Testing

As I’ve said before, I adore the patterns done by Denise at Whimsy Couture.  Love, love, LOVE them.  So when she posts a request for pattern testers I jump at the chance to get my hands on a new pattern of hers!

Just as I was posting about sewing a rain jacket for myself, she put a shout-out on her Facebook page looking for testers to work on a new pattern for a reversible hooded girls’ jacket.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at a rain jacket for Big Girl.  Instead of making it reversible I’d use a water-resistant fabric (such as oil cloth or laminated cotton) for the outer fabric and something soft and comfy for the interior lining.

Brilliant idea!

As soon as I heard a confirmation from Denise, we headed to the fabric store to see what we could scrounge up locally.  And on sale of course.  I rarely step foot into Joann’s without one of their signature 40% off coupons.  😉

With only a little guidance from me, I let Big Girl pick out the fabrics — I’ve learned this increases the chances of her wearing the item significantly — and then some coordinating buttons to compliment the front.

This is what we came up with!

oilcloth rainjacket by stitch to stitch

Girls' Rain Jacket

Bright colors to cheer up rainy days

lined rain jacket by stitch to stitch

Incredibly soft and warm minky lining

3 Coordinating Buttons

Good for throwing snowballs!

Absolutely perfect for your favorite little girl.

I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll list this exact jacket in the store or not.  Truthfully, it was difficult to sew and the cost of fabrics wasn’t cheap (even on sale I spent almost $20 just on materials); so the sale cost would need to reflect that.  Which could very well price myself right out of any possible sales.

I need to do some more thinking and see what kind of variations I can come up with that would make my costs lower and my frustration minimal.

On another note — this was a fantastic pattern and I highly recommend purchasing it.  When it’s available for sale I’ll pass along the info.

State Fair Submissions

In late August, I submitted some items for judging at the Eastern Idaho State Fair — everything was in the birth-6 year division, in individual categories. 

I submitted the following:

  • a twirl skirt (new creation)
  • a special occasion dress in dupioni silk (new creation)
  • a ruffled apron (new creation)
  • a black, red and white peasant tunic(already listed in the shop)
  • pink and aqua capri-overalls I made for Big Girl
  • a pink sundress I made for Big Girl last summer (modeled after an item in my shop, but using pink eyelet)

The area that I live in is pretty rock-solid in terms of homemaking skills (sewing, quilting, knitting, canning, baking, cake decorating, etc.) so I figured the chance of any of my items getting ribbons was low.

When friends started sending my husband and I messages about how we needed to get to the fair to see the results, I started to get excited!

With 6 items entered, each one came home with a ribbon of its own!

1st place ribbons for the twirl skirt, ruffled apron, black/red/white peasant top, and capri-overalls.

2nd place ribbon for the silk special occasion dress (which the 1st place item took grand champion for the entire birth-6 year division and was amazing).

4th place ribbon for the pink eyelet sundress (which is fine considering I just pulled it out of the closet to fill a category!).

In celebration — two of the new items are listed for sale in the shop:)  I’m still debating whether I’m going to list the special occasion dress in dupioni silk or not.  I think the pattern –which I designed entirely by myself– needs a little tweaking before it’s ready for sale.

Girls Pink, Black, and Yellow Apron by Stitch To Stitch


Girls Blue, Yellow, Green and White Twirl Skirt by Stitch To Stitch

Sneak Peaks

Since the baby was born I’ve solely been focused on filling orders; I’ve just been too busy to try to create a bunch of new stuff.  I know though, that I need to start expanding my product line to increase business.  I also need to make use of all the fabulous patterns I’ve purchased and try to start using up some of the 100+ fabrics that I have sitting in my sewing room!

To do so I set myself a new shop goal — to make 1-2 new items every week and get them sent off for photographing. 

Week #1 was successful!  I actually made 3 new items to put in the shop. (I apologize for the photo quality — I was too impatient to wait until the sun was shining to take pictures with natural light.)

Dress #1 is made using fabrics from Ty Pennington’s Impressions line and the Pink Dress pattern by So Tei Tei.  In person –and decent light– the fabric is a fabulous chartreuse color.

And I couldn’t help but make an adorable pair of ruffle capris to go with the dress!

Dress #2 is made using Amy Butler’s Fresh Poppies from the Midwest Modern II line and the Katrina Dress pattern by So Tei Tei.

I’ll post again when they’re listed for sale!

What’s Ahead

At just over 2-months old, Baby Girl seems to have this inane knack for waking up as soon as I sit down at my sewing machine (or serger).  It’s as if she hears the click of the power switch as I toggle it on from the other side of the house, through numerous doors and walls, and her eyes snap open in response.

The hard part is that she’s still in the stage where she’d much rather be held than anything else.  Not just held though, but held while the holder is walking around the house, bouncing with each step.  This magical dance that must occur makes it difficult to accomplish much of anything.  (One of these days I should attach a pedometer to my hip to track my movement around and around and around the house.) It seems to be a rare occurrence where she’ll sit in her bouncer chair for 10 minutes, lay on the play mat long enough for me to go to the bathroom alone or even be content to hang out in a sling or wrap, tight to my chest.

I know though, that this time in her infancy is fleeting and before I know it, she’ll be asking for my keys and to push curfew as late as she can.  So I try to sew in short 10-minute burst when possible and enjoy the time she wants to be in my arms.

The biggest downfall is that I’m spending more time on the computer buying fabrics and patterns than I am sitting at my machines creating adorable outfits.  With spring starting to show its smiling face in many parts of the country I need to get cranking out some new items.

Especially when stuff is as cute as this…

Ringin’ In the New Year

Whew!  I had to dust off the cobwebs just to get a post started around here.  😉  My apologies for such an absence!

Baby girl decided to make her way into the world shortly after midnight on New Year’s Eve, creating some chaos in the Stitch To Stitch household.  I was in the midst of reorganizing my newly painted sewing room when my water broke.  With a breech (bottom down instead of up) baby this meant an immediate trip–well, as fast as our family can get packed, the 4 year old dropped off at friends and then across town–to the hospital for an emergency c-section.

Since then we’ve dealt with some unexpected complications and are just trying to settle into *some* sort of normalcy.  So for now, the addition of new items into the shop has been halted.  None of the previous listings were removed but instead shipping times have been extended to accommodate my new work schedule.  Or lack thereof.  If you are interested in having a custom order done please contact me to work out details.

Albeit a little late, Happy New Year’s to all!

Simply Beautiful

When I think of fall and winter I think of luxe fabrics such as corduroys and velvets.  Something with a bit more weight and warmth to it that envelopes you in its softness and opulence.

This is a new piece that was custom made for a friend.  It is a simple item of beauty, grace and luxury.  All for your favorite little girl!


This chic bubble skirt is made using graphite gray, fine-wale corduroy for the outer skirt and brilliant silver satin for the lining. The wide (elastic) waist is complimented with a removable black velvet bow.  This piece is perfect for holidays parties and family pictures!

With her permission, it’s been added as the newest listing in the Stitch To Stitch store!  I just couldn’t pass up something so beautiful.


It can also be made in other colors if you are interested.  Just ask about availability!

Holiday Skirt Design

I’m sitting here this morning, sipping my coffee, and mulling over some ideas for constructing a new skirt for the holidays.  I have some leftover Robert Kaufman fabric in red/white/black that I’d love to turn into something more winter-ish and festive.

This is the fabric I’m talking about (the 2 prints, not the white broadcloth):


Robert Kaufman Peasant Dress by Stitch To Stitch on Etsy


I’m thinking about making a cute twirl skirt using this pattern from Fabritopia:


Edith Twirl Skirt

I want to use the main fabric from the peasant dress for the top layer of the skirt and possibly the trim (red with black and white bursts) for the ruffle hem on the bottom layer.  Then instead of using white broadcloth I’ll use red or black to make the skirt more appropriate for a cooler season.

It would be adorable paired with a black turtleneck sweater or cardigan and chunky tights for Christmas pictures!  Maybe even black matching corduroy pants for any brothers in the family…