What a Week!

This has been one of those weeks that I’d like to either forget quickly, or have the option to re-do, in the hopes of it going better!  It all started last weekend with TWO emergency service calls on Saturday (a water leak and a circuit board that quit on the furnace), a Saturday visit to the pediatrician for both sick girls, a dog that ate the corner off of the afghan my grandmother crocheted for me 20 years ago, my husband out of town for work, a finicky gas gauge in my vehicle, organizing tax stuff, troubles with the postal service, me getting sick and a babysitter that bailed, leaving me to scramble for a replacement!

Which meant little time for Stitch To Stitch stuff, especially the blog!  Thankfully I could sneak in some sewing here and there as my sick girls napped and with my husband being gone at night I had free time after the house settled down for the night. 

To end the week on a good note though, I have my first wholesale order from Riley Blake coming today with FOUR BOLTS of fabric!  (I seriously could have ordered three times that many, but my bank account wouldn’t allow for it right now.)  And I managed to crank out a new dress for the shop earlier this week.  It’s on it’s way to a fabulous new photographer I’m excited to work with.

Happy Sewing!

Sewing Organization

One of the best ways to stay productive, is to make sure your sewing room/space stays organized.  When your stuff is easy to find you’ll spend less time looking for things and more time crafting!

Use storage containers with clear drawers to organize sewing notions.  The clear drawers allows you to see what’s inside them without having to rifle through everything.  The red unit is the type you buy at a hardware store; the white ones can be bought from your everyday, big-box store such as Target or Wal-Mart.

Keep all of your cutting and marking tools contained, yet close at hand.  This crock is perfect for holding scissors, pencils/pens, sewing gauges, turning tools, etc — it’s heavy enough that it won’t tip over and wide enough to fit a large amount of stuff.  It sits on the corner of my cutting table so my rotary cutters are always within reach.  My husband’s Aunt gave this to me years ago (it’s a piece she made), I love that I get to look at it almost every day!

Take advantage of unused space!  I used some of the removable 3M hooks to hang my rulers on the side of the bookshelf.  The bookshelf sits directly next to the cutting table so my rulers are within reach when I’m cutting (they’re also right next to my cutting tools).  I was continuously losing my rulers within stacks of fabrics so this has worked out fantastically!

Organize your fabric so it’s easy to see!  I put smaller pieces of cotton in these square cubbies, grouped (somewhat) by color.  Larger pieces are wrapped on fabric organizers and stored in laundry baskets or clear storage containers.  Just be careful of direct sunlight to avoid fading your fabrics.  You can always store them in closed cabinets, colored storage containers or fashion a curtain to keep them out of harm’s way.  With my sewing room being in the basement, the direct sunlight into the room is limited; my fabrics are stored directly under the window so they are shadowed by the sun coming through the window.

Happy sewing!

Frequent Shopper Program

Did you know that Fabric.com has a frequent shopper program?  Much to my embarrassment, I didn’t realize it until just minutes ago.  Oops!

At Fabric.com, we are committed to guaranteeing you get more “fabric for your buck”. One way we do this is by giving you Frequent Shopper Points, redeemable for Discount Coupons, every time you make a purchase with us. Here’s how it works:

  • Only Registered Customers can accumulate and redeem Frequent Shopper point, so if you are not a registered customer, click here and register
  • Once you have become a Registered Customer, your Frequent Shopper points will be automatically accumulated for you. You don’t have to do anything else to start earning points.
  • For every $2.00 of product that you purchase at fabric.com, you will earn 1 Frequent Shopper point. (Points are not earned for shipping charges or taxes. Points are based on actual expenditures, after applying any discount coupons or gift certificates that you may be using on an order.)
  • To see how many points you have accumulated at any time, simply log-in using the user name and password you created when you registered, then click on the Profile tab. You will see the number of points currently in your account at the bottom of that tab.
  • Our current points redemption table is as follow:
    300 points – $5.00 coupon 500 points – $10.00 coupon 950 points – $25.00 coupon 1500 points – $50.00 coupon
  • To redeem Frequent Shopper points you must be logged in. If you have earned enough points to redeem a discount coupon, the value of the coupon(s) that you have enough points for will be displayed in a drop down menu. Select the value of the gift coupon you would like to order and submit your request. Very soon thereafter, you will receive an e-mail (at the e-mail address you used in your registration) containing the coupon code you can use to redeem your certificate. If for any reason you lose that e-mail, you can always go to the “Coupons” tab in the My Account section and view your available coupons.
  • If you do not receive an e-mail back and you feel you have entered your e-mail address correctly please feel free to contact us.
  • If you feel you have less points than you should have, you may have accumulated points if you have ordered under different e-mail addresses than the one you have registered with. If this has happened please contact us and we will be happy to combine your points under the registered e-mail address.

We hope you like this program as much as we think you will and that you will tell all of your friends about yet another reason why it pays to shop at www.fabric.com.

Fabric.com is one of my favorite online places to buy fabric.  They typically have great deals, very competitive prices, continuously changing specials and all domestic orders over $35 ship for free.  Which is why I tend to shop there as often as I do.

And why I apparently have some Frequent Shopper points to redeem!  :)

Limited Quanitities Left!

In the last year, the most popular item in my shop has been the Eyelet Sundress with the double ribbon detail on skirt.  When I first created this item I never knew it would be such a great seller!  They work beautifully for flowergirl dresses and I’ve sold through yards and yards of this beautiful eyelet fabric.

Unfortunately, the fabric is no longer available from the source!  I’m down to about 6 yards in my inventory — enough to make about 3 more dresses, give or take depending on the sizes.

So if you’ve been eying them, make sure to purchase one while they’re still available.  Once the fabric is gone I’ll update the listing, changing the dress to use eyelet with the single ribbon detail (shown here in the pillowcase dresses).

Peasant Top — Now in More Colors!

This top is the perfect addition to your little girl’s spring/summer wardrobe!  And one of my all time favorite pieces to make.

Girls Cap Sleeve Shirred Peasant Top

Currently for sale in the following colors:

If there’s a color you’d like that I don’t have listed, I’ll gladly try to find it locally at no extra charge.  You can see the full listing here in my Etsy shop.

Hawthorne Threads Giveaway

Two of my favorite things collide — Hawthorne Threads and Riley Blake!



From the Hawthorne Threads newsletter:

We’ve just received word that Riley Blakes newest collection Sugar and Spice has shipped out to us and will arrive here next week! I cannot wait for this one!

For this week’s Giveaway we are offering the chance to win a Layer Cake of 10″x10″ squares of this lovely collection.The lucky winner will be selected at random Wednesday March 16th and will be announced in our weekly newsletter. As always, International customers are welcomed to participate in the Giveaway!


Head over to their website to enter the giveaway and good luck!

What’s Ahead

At just over 2-months old, Baby Girl seems to have this inane knack for waking up as soon as I sit down at my sewing machine (or serger).  It’s as if she hears the click of the power switch as I toggle it on from the other side of the house, through numerous doors and walls, and her eyes snap open in response.

The hard part is that she’s still in the stage where she’d much rather be held than anything else.  Not just held though, but held while the holder is walking around the house, bouncing with each step.  This magical dance that must occur makes it difficult to accomplish much of anything.  (One of these days I should attach a pedometer to my hip to track my movement around and around and around the house.) It seems to be a rare occurrence where she’ll sit in her bouncer chair for 10 minutes, lay on the play mat long enough for me to go to the bathroom alone or even be content to hang out in a sling or wrap, tight to my chest.

I know though, that this time in her infancy is fleeting and before I know it, she’ll be asking for my keys and to push curfew as late as she can.  So I try to sew in short 10-minute burst when possible and enjoy the time she wants to be in my arms.

The biggest downfall is that I’m spending more time on the computer buying fabrics and patterns than I am sitting at my machines creating adorable outfits.  With spring starting to show its smiling face in many parts of the country I need to get cranking out some new items.

Especially when stuff is as cute as this…

Holiday Skirt Design

I’m sitting here this morning, sipping my coffee, and mulling over some ideas for constructing a new skirt for the holidays.  I have some leftover Robert Kaufman fabric in red/white/black that I’d love to turn into something more winter-ish and festive.

This is the fabric I’m talking about (the 2 prints, not the white broadcloth):


Robert Kaufman Peasant Dress by Stitch To Stitch on Etsy


I’m thinking about making a cute twirl skirt using this pattern from Fabritopia:


Edith Twirl Skirt

I want to use the main fabric from the peasant dress for the top layer of the skirt and possibly the trim (red with black and white bursts) for the ruffle hem on the bottom layer.  Then instead of using white broadcloth I’ll use red or black to make the skirt more appropriate for a cooler season.

It would be adorable paired with a black turtleneck sweater or cardigan and chunky tights for Christmas pictures!  Maybe even black matching corduroy pants for any brothers in the family…