Too Much, Too Much

My beautiful two year old puts her hands up and shakes her head, chanting, “too much, too much” when she’s overwhelmed by anything.  It always makes me smile and laugh at how adorable she is and how easy it is for her to admit it’s more than she can handle or need at the moment.

Right now, I’m borrowing some of her resolve and saying “too much, too much”.  Although I absolutely love doing custom work my work schedule is incredibly full right now with orders.  If I have any chance of getting Christmas pajamas ready, as well as some new fall items, I need to put a halt to custom orders for the time being.

My apologies for this, but I’ll open myself back up to custom work when I get my work schedule a little more manageable!

Amanda at Stitch To Stitch

Pushing Creativity

I’m continuing to be super busy with orders (which I love), but squeezing in some side projects any time I can!

The big project today was working on some creative diapering solutions for a neighbor.  Her little boy is in a cast to help correct infantile scoliosis and they are struggling with how to diaper him to keep the cast clean/dry.  We’ve come up with some initial ideas and I’m hoping we can get something that works without needing too many revisions!  I’m excited to find a way to help make this journey a little easier for them.  :)

On the business front, I’m dreaming up new ideas for the ruffle rompers that have been selling so well!  Last week I bought some gorgeous dupioni silk in cream/ivory that I can’t wait to play with. 

Happy sewing!

Chaos in the Studio

It’s been a crazy week around here!  My husband is out of town for the week, which always seems to complicate things.  But when combined with numerous appointments, visit with friends, a poorly-napping toddler and more than a handful of open shop orders I feel like the week has flown by in a whirlwind.

One of my highest priority items this week was finishing these super cute baby blankets for a neighbor. She’s hoping that baby makes an appearance at any time so I knew they needed to be done immediately.

I am really please with how they turned out — hopefully she feels the same way!  

This isn’t the only cuteness to come out of the studio this week. I’ll have some more sneak peaks to show in a little bit.  And don’t forget to watch tomorrow for another fun Friday DeStash!

Happy Sewing!

Custom Crib Bumper

I had a local customer contact me a couple of weeks ago about doing some custom work for her.  She had an idea in mind and we ran with it.  This is what we came up with!

She wanted something that wasn’t “too girly” and I think this is perfect!  It has the zebra print (which is SATIN!) on the entire outside of the bumper.  The inside is done in a patchwork design alternating the hot pink leopard print with the zebra.  Black satin ruffles and black satin ties complete the look.

I can’t wait to see how it looks in the nursery!

Special Occasion Dress PROMO

About a month ago, I had a potential customer contact me about having 5 flowergirl dresses made.  Unfortunately the eyelet fabric I use for them has been discontinued by the supplier so I was down to less than 6 yards on hand — just enough to make 2, maybe 3 dresses.  Certainly not the 5 dresses she wanted.  As much as I hated to lose the sale it was out of my control.  I’d contacted a handful of sellers on Etsy that use the se fabric for the dresses in an attempt to buy it directly from them, to no avail.  Everyone is in the same position as I am.  They’re running out of their fabric and are disappointed about it not being available to purchase anymore.

So I went on a fabric-finding mission.  Armed with an item number, a product description and the main customer service number, my task began.  After almost an hour on the phone I had tracked down 2 stores in Minnesota showing more than 15 yards in stock.  Due to weirdness in inter-state tax laws I couldn’t order directly from that store and have it shipped to me (which I’m still not 100% sure why, especially since I’m tax exempt anyway) so I had to contact a local store and have them set up a special order to bring the fabric into their location.

After 4 days of many frustrating hours on the phone and more curse words than I care to elaborate on, I had almost 30 yards of fabric paid for and on its way to me from somewhere in Minnesota.  Well, on its way to the Idaho Falls where I could pick it up after it arrived.

I now have enough of the eyelet fabric on hand to make 15-17 dresses, depending on the dress size.  Just in time to get ready for spring/summer wedding season! 

To celebrate I’m offering 15% off my normal dress price on all pre-orders placed before January 31st, 2012.  Contact me through my Etsy shop or email me to take advantage of this promotion.

Simply Beautiful

When I think of fall and winter I think of luxe fabrics such as corduroys and velvets.  Something with a bit more weight and warmth to it that envelopes you in its softness and opulence.

This is a new piece that was custom made for a friend.  It is a simple item of beauty, grace and luxury.  All for your favorite little girl!


This chic bubble skirt is made using graphite gray, fine-wale corduroy for the outer skirt and brilliant silver satin for the lining. The wide (elastic) waist is complimented with a removable black velvet bow.  This piece is perfect for holidays parties and family pictures!

With her permission, it’s been added as the newest listing in the Stitch To Stitch store!  I just couldn’t pass up something so beautiful.


It can also be made in other colors if you are interested.  Just ask about availability!

Wedding Wear

After making that adorable eyelet sundress I knew it was the perfect pattern for my daughter to wear to a wedding we had in Washington!

I didn’t want to do it in white since she wasn’t the flower girl, so I opted to use a colored eyelet. My hope was that she’d choose for me to do it in purple (the main color used in the wedding) but alas she voted for pink. It wasn’t a surprise at all since she adores all things pink but still a slight disappointment for me. Especially since my husband was in the wedding and would have purple accents on his tux.

No matter what the color, it turned out beautifully — although I’ll admit that I still think the white one with the ribbon detail is prettier — and I got a ton of compliments from other wedding goers.

Itty Bitty Baby Stuff

Since my daughter is long past the diaper stage, I forget that Moms with small children want outfits with diaper covers.  Oops!

So after sending a dress to a dear friend of mine for her baby girl, she asked me to make a diaper cover to coordinate.  It was a cinch to whip up AND it’s super cute too.

3-6 month itty bitty baby bloomers!

It’s So Cute I Can Barely Contain Myself

Isn’t this absolutely adorable?

It was a custom order for a friend.  I will definitely be listing similar sets on my store, with the option of pantaloons like this (where it’s gathered with elastic at the ankles) or just ruffle pants.  I’ve also toyed with the idea of doing the lining and pants in different colors instead of just the antique white.

Too cute!