Bump in the Road

Wouldn’t it figure that the needle plate on my serger breaks a week before my launch?  Yeah, that seems to be the luck of the sewing world.  When you need everything to work efficiently and smoothly it gives you fits and fights you like a toddler not wanting to take a bath.

To add insult to injury, the repair tech at the local store is on vacation until next week.  Even more awesome!  Thankfully the wonderful sewing ladies helped me to determine it was just the needle plate causing me troubles.  Unfortunately though, they don’t have one in stock and it will take 10 days for them to get one in.

I came home though and immediately found myself searching the world wide web for the needle plate.  Fifteen minutes later I had the same part ordered for about 60% of the cost AND priority mail shipping.  My hope is that the package is here tomorrow or Friday, giving me the weekend to pound out some last minute items.

So in my down time I’ve been working on taking/editing photos, writing listings and organizing all of the notes I keep writing on random scraps of paper and tucking into my sketchbooks.  You can see the new photos on my flickr photostream.

As for the listings, I don’t plan on posting anything until late this weekend or early next week.  Official launch is June 1st but I think I’ll spread the listings out over a couple of days to get more exposure.

Tomorrow I want to get fabric cut for some new items as well.  That way I’ll be ready to sew as soon as the postal carrier brings me my serger parts!

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