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A glimpse into more than just the sewing side of Stitch To Stitch…

For Mother’s Day, my husband and girls got me three gift certificates.  All which perfectly fit my personality.

#1 — a gift certificate to the local nursery.  Besides sewing, gardening is my favorite thing to do.  If the weather (and kids) cooperated I’d spend all of my free time outside playing in the garden and flowerbeds.  I have degrees in both horticulture and agriculture and digging in the soil is one of the greatest stress relievers for me.  For the last few days I’ve been making a mental tally of new plants I need/want for the yard.

#2 — a gift certificate to the local outdoor store.  Our family loves the outdoors — hiking, fishing, camping.  I’ve also recently started cycling and am trying to slowly purchase the things I want (shoes, cycling shorts, jerseys, water bottles, bicycle computer) to make my riding more enjoyable.  I’ve also had my eye on a new pair of sandals they’ve got in stock.

#3 — a gift certificate for coffee.  I’ve tried and I’ll sheepishly admit, that I just can not break the coffee habit.  It’s better than it used to be — at one point between kids I was drinking almost a pot of coffee, myself, every day — but I still need my one cup in the morning.  When I first started drinking coffee YEARS ago I went heavy on the cream/sugar and light on the coffee. Over the years I’ve found my tastes changing and I now prefer darker blends with only cream, no sugar.  Having some “free” coffee money means I can splurge a few times on my vice of fat-free lattes.

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