Back to Square One

Over the last few months I’ve taken on more and more sewing projects that aren’t children’s clothing items — the camera straps covers, the purses and some other special request stuff.  There has been a solid interest from buyers to make some of these items available for sale but I’m against listing them in my current Etsy store.  I want the original STS on Etsy to be children’s boutique clothing.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And I’ve waffled about opening a second Etsy store to sell other wares.  On one hand I think the variety would be interesting, but then I sit and look at my schedule and contemplate the logistics of opening another shop.

I’m running on too little sleep and too much coffee as it is; the thought of two Etsy shops makes my heart rate elevate slightly.

My answer to this request was to redo THIS site.  To turn this webpage into an e-commerce shop where both my current Etsy items and the other crazy stuff I create could be sold directly to the buyer.

This place originally started as just a basic blog.  A place where I could talk about what inspires me to sew, to share ideas I think are fantastic and to just give everyone a peak inside this crazy head of mine.  The thoughts of turning it into something more was exciting and has kept me up more nights than I’d care to admit.

After jotting down some basic ideas and some rough design plans I set the wheels into motion.  Part of me wanted to take on the task myself but my husband oh so politely pointed out that my plate is already crowded and I spend more time on the computer than I should.  So I hired someone to redo the site for me.  The money, in my opinion, would be well spent to save myself the time it would take.

We worked out the details — me trying to convey exactly what I wanted the new layout to encompass.  Over the last couple of months I’ve watched the new site take shape.  Slowly it morphed into the picture I had in my head.

And then, just yesterday, when trying to get the actual boutique finalized, I’ve been forced to go back to square one.  To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement.

So in the next little while, this site will revert completely back to the old blog.  A new redo will be in the works.  As for it’s ETA…that remains to be seen.

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