About Me

I’m celebrating my new life as a sewist!

Growing up I was fascinated watching my Mom and Grandma turn fabric into beautiful handcrafted items. It took until I was in my early 20′s until I finally got brave enough to try my hand at it (with a little help from my husband when he surprised me with a sewing machine).

As much as I loved it, for many years I couldn’t sit and sew without it triggering horrible headaches. It made me hesitant to begin projects for fear of the impending pain and knowing I probably wouldn’t finish what I started. When my oldest daughter was born in 2006 it broke my heart to not sew blankets, bedding and clothing for her.

In 2009 my life was turned upside down when I got laid off from my job at the University, where I worked as a Research Scientist.  At the same time my headaches worsened considerably; thankfully, my wonderful doctor figured out what was causing the pain. I have an abnormality called a Chiari malformation (for more on that story, check out my Chiari blog, Inside Amanda’s Head.)

All it took was a little brain surgery to solve the problem — I can sew again, as well as be able to function as a person, and love it.

I jumped back into sewing as soon as my neck was strong enough. I rejoiced at being able to sit and sew without getting sick. It showed me how successful my surgery had been.  Since I was still searching for a job I made the decision to try my hand at turning my sewing skills into a business venture. The name “Stitch To Stitch” was born because of my story: from surgery stitches to sewing stitches.

This store is my way of celebrating having a second chance to do the things I love!  Any time I finish a project I’m reminded of how fortunate I am.