A Tall Order

Sometimes the hardest part is believing in yourself…

My Dad has one dress suit — one that my grandmother made for him YEARS ago.  As long as I can remember he’s had this suit.  As a dairy farmer he doesn’t have reasons to dress up regularly so it only gets pulled out for the typical need-to-wear-a-suit occasions.  This also means he doesn’t have a huge necessity to buy something new.  After who knows how many years the suit is starting to show its age.  Not to mention, over the last 10 years or so, we’ve started to jokingly give him a hard time about it and have encouraged him to buy something new.

I should also mention that my Dad is tall and thin.  Buying a suit off the rack is more difficult for him than most.  He needs everything really narrow through the chest/torso/waist while long in the arms and inseam.  Part of me thinks this is part of the hesitation in buying something new.  My grandmother was able to tailor this suit specifically to his frame.

A couple weeks ago I was back in the Midwest for a funeral and the suit came out of the closet.  When he was putting it back away he sincerely asked me if I could bring it back to Idaho and use it as a pattern to make him a new one.  My first thought was, “no way, no how! I don’t know how to make a suit.” 

I started thinking about all the detail in the construction and the pricey materials needed.  I started thinking about the struggles of working with slippery lining material and keeping my cool when keeping it in place for sewing.  All I could think was that I’m honestly not that good/experienced of a seamstress.

Since coming home, I’ve thought a lot about his request. I’m still not confident in my ability to do it.  Especially without a written pattern to follow.  Now that I’ve spent some time researching “sewing a men’s dress suit” on the internet the task seems even more daunting! 

What has really stuck with me, is that even though I don’t believe in myself, HE believes I could do this.  I just wish it was something I felt confident in tackling for him.


2 thoughts on “A Tall Order

  1. If anyone can do it, I know that you can! Practicing on a cheaper material first might help too, perfect your technique :)

  2. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Do some research…practice with cheaper fabric..when you master it…it will be amazing! I would love to see a picture of the final product! :)

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