A Stitch Tip

(Today’s Stitch Tip is brought to you as a Public Service Announcement to all sleep-deprived mothers.  It’s non-sewing related but an important message nonetheless.  Please don’t ask how I know this information.)

When there is plastic melting on the burners of your stove top, quickly turn the heat off before it catches fire and then allow the burner to completely cool down.  While doing this it’s appropriate to curse at yourself if you’re the cursing kind and run your burnt fingers under cold water if necessary; it helps to pass the time.  After the burner is completely cool, the plastic should just peel off in pieces.

One thought on “A Stitch Tip

  1. I will concur with your er the solution you posted concerning melted plastic on burners…not that I, a mother of 4, have any experience with that. I will add (again, not that I, a mother of 4, have any experience) that having baking soda nearby will also put out oven fires. And a suggestion…don’t read a really good book/article while cooking…spontaneous combustion really exists (not that this tip has anything to do with the previous um, “non”experiences).

    ps…found you via “a girl and a glue gun”

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