A Stitch Tip

All of my items are topstitched for durability and to make them look professional.  Sometimes this means sewing through layers and layers and layers of fabric.  Also sewing over some very thick seams where the fabric comes together at the sides.  Even though my machine is fantastic it often struggles to feed all of that material evenly when I’m sewing.  This can sometimes lead to uneven stitches and a loss of that professional look I’m trying to achieve.

Two weeks ago when working on some flowergirl dresses I had a total “ah-ha!” moment.  After a year of making these dresses regularly I’d never thought of a simple solution to sewing that many layers of fabric.  Out of nowhere it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Those same dresses were used to show you how you can use binder clips instead of pins to hold your fabrics together.  I’m going to cheat and use that same picture to partly illustrate today’s tip as well.

In the photo you can see the amount of fabric I’m sewing through — in this case a double layer bodice, the main skirt layer and the underskirt.  Four layers of fabric with two of them being heavily gathered which adds to the bulk considerably.  I sew these together with my serger and then flip the seam up towards the bodice and topstitch.  Flipping the seam upwards like that means adding another 2 layers of fabric to sew through.

Instead of fighting to get the fabric to feed evenly, why not change my foot to something that is designed to feed fabric evenly?!  Seriously, sometimes my brilliance is astounding.  😉

Voila!  I realizes the perfect solution is to swap out my regular sewing foot for my quilting/walking foot.  It takes less than a minute and look at the beautiful, even stitches it creates!

The topstitching through numerous layers is the row on the very left.


Now I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this solution earlier.  Happy stitching!

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