A New Year

It seems as though this New Year’s greeting is a little too late in coming, so my apologies for that.  The holidays were busy for us with travels to visit family, time spent together in our own home and then a first birthday for Baby Girl.  As we settle into the second week of January it’s just beginning to slow down and I find our life finally getting back into some sort of schedule and/or routine.

The holidays were fantastic, albeit bustling, and the time spent with loves ones is something to be cherished.  In the little down time I could find I tried to reflect on what 2011 had brought for Stitch To Stitch and what path I hoped 2012 would take.

With everything that went on in 2011 — mainly juggling a new(er) business with our expanding family — I was greatly pleased with how Stitch To Stitch had done.  Fifty-five Etsy sales and a couple of handfuls of non-etsy sales seems minute compared to some shops, but for me if surpassed my expectations of the year!  I had no idea how I’d handle a new baby and a business but was fortunate to have sales every month of the year and felt like I was continuously busy with shop projects.

That being said, I feel like the shop is at a point where I need to make some choices if I want to continue to grow.  While I’m still trying to formulate all of my ideas for the shop in 2012 there are a couple of things I’m certain of: 

  • Opening wholesale accounts with fabric manufacturers.  Obviously this means a great commitment in terms of money as many require minimum orders but overall it will help reduce my per item costs.  I want to focus more on buying more yardage of fabric in less prints.  One of the common themes for 2011 was buying small amounts of a lot of different prints and failing to use many of them in ideas.
  • Working through the fabrics I do have on hand. While many of them are now “discontinued” lines it means sewing ready to ship items at perhaps sale prices.  I need to clear out some of what I have before bringing in new.
  • Selling items in different venues.  I was approached by a salesman for a large daily deals website inquiring about my interest in working with them.  As honored as I was by the inquiry the logistics were too much for me to handle.  It did however, get the wheels turning in regards to selling my items other places.
  • Organizing my time more effectively/efficiently.  Right now I’m still trying to find an appropriate balance between the business and my family.  My hope is that putting together a better schedule (of sorts) and trying to stick to that schedule will help me to feel like I’m accomplishing more and yet spending more time with the ones I love.  It’s hard trying to balance both.

My hope is that these ideas will help to propel Stitch To Stitch further than 2011 and open new doors for the shop.  This has been a fantastic journey so far and I look forward to what lies ahead.

So even though a few days late, I wish you a Happy New Year and hope what lies ahead for you makes you excited for the future and finds you pushing yourself to do your very best!


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