A Little Loving Care

There are very few things as frustrating as buying an item of clothing, only to have it destroyed in the wash!  This is especially true when you spend the extra money on something handmade.  You expect it to last longer than the stuff you buy in the store (at least, I expect it to last longer!).




* Cold water wash is the best for your garments.  Warm and/or hot water can cause the bright, beautiful colors to fade and the fabric to shrink (especially if it wasn’t prewashed).

* Spot treat stains with a pretreatment prior to washing.  I love Clorox 2 Free & Clear.  It works well on food and other “organic” stains and won’t fade the colors.  Having it free of perfumes and dyes is an extra bonus so it won’t irritate sensitive skin!  You can also use it as a general additive in your laundry load. 

* Drying is the most important part!  As much as I love the simplicity and speed of throwing items in the dryer, that machine WRECKS your clothes.  It blasts heat and tosses clothing around without any thought to its well being — causing shrinking, fading, piling and even snagging.  Anything made with ruffle fabric should never be put in the dryer; always line dry it!  For your 100% cotton and cotton blend items — I recommend line drying these items as well.  If you must toss them in the dryer, use a low heat and try to put your boutique clothing in with items of similar weight.  Some 100% cotton items wrinkle horribly, unfortunately.  With those items it works well to put them in the dryer on low heat for 5 minutes or so, just enough to pull some of the most stubborn wrinkles out and then hang to dry. 

* Iron cotton and cotton blend items on the lowest possible setting (using steam if necessary) to remove wrinkles and help maintain the shape of your garment

These simple tips will help to extend the life of your clothing, helping to ensure your well loved boutique items will be outgrown before worn out.  😉

**Just a note — all of the items I sell have fabric care tags sewn into a seam for easy reference; all fabrics are also prewashed in warm water and dried to minimize shrinking upon further laundering.**.


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