Holiday Skirt Design

I’m sitting here this morning, sipping my coffee, and mulling over some ideas for constructing a new skirt for the holidays.  I have some leftover Robert Kaufman fabric in red/white/black that I’d love to turn into something more winter-ish and festive.

This is the fabric I’m talking about (the 2 prints, not the white broadcloth):


Robert Kaufman Peasant Dress by Stitch To Stitch on Etsy


I’m thinking about making a cute twirl skirt using this pattern from Fabritopia:


Edith Twirl Skirt

I want to use the main fabric from the peasant dress for the top layer of the skirt and possibly the trim (red with black and white bursts) for the ruffle hem on the bottom layer.  Then instead of using white broadcloth I’ll use red or black to make the skirt more appropriate for a cooler season.

It would be adorable paired with a black turtleneck sweater or cardigan and chunky tights for Christmas pictures!  Maybe even black matching corduroy pants for any brothers in the family…

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