Sewing List, For Me

I’m not sure what brought it on, (perhaps the e-mail from with laminated cotton on sale) but all of the sudden I’ve got the bug to make myself a hooded raincoat.  Yeah, yeah, I have a lightweight jacket that is completely water resistant.  And it has a hood.  But it looks like this.

Please ignore the fashion statement I was making with the double layer hats (it was cold AND snowing and I needed something warm that would keep snow out of my face) and the fabulous scarf (Big Girl decided she no longer wanted it and felt it would look much better on me than hanging off the backpack).

But I think it’s time for something cuter.

This pattern by Amy Butler has caught my eye:

Made in one of these fabrics:

The only thing holding me back right now is the cost.  Well, and I can’t decide which of those fabrics I like the best.  But with each laminated fabric costing $15-18/yard, the pattern calling for 3-4 yards of BOTH the laminated cotton and a lining fabric and the $16 pattern itself I’m looking at a starting point of $100.

Looks like I need to work on my marketing a bit and increase my sales for the upcoming month.  :)

Saturday Pattern Sharing 9/24/11

Another great Christmas gift idea! 

Lindsay over at The Cottage Mama shares this great tutorial for Embellished Hooded Towels. This would be a great project to help use up some fabric scraps.

My girls have always used hooded towels and they both desperately need some new ones.  Looks like I’m adding this to my to-do list!

Photo Galleries Updated

As many of you may know, from either following STS on Facebook/Twitter or just from personal connections, the Etsy shop has been shut down since last week.  I had sinus surgery on the 16th and needed to take some time off to recover.  My hope was that I’d have everything back up and running by today but had planned for Monday the 26th.  Thankfully I pushed that date out a few days just to be on the safe side!  This recovery has been tougher than I imagined and sitting over my sewing machine would have been very difficult (at 7 days post-surgery today, I’m still not ready to sit and work yet). 

I have been able to work a little on the website this week, which was one of the few things I’d hoped to get accomplished during the break. 

The Photo Galleries are now up for viewing!  There are separate drop down menus for “Custom Items“, “Customer Photos“, “Fabric Swatches” and “Patterns“.

So go take a look around.  I’ve still got some fabrics and patterns that need to be added, but will work on that as time allows.

And if you have photos of items in action that you’d like me to add, please email them to me — (at)!

Saturday Pattern Sharing 9/17/11

Today’s pattern comes from Skip To My Lou — a Kindle Cover Tutorial.

With so many people toting around e-readers, this tutorial would make a perfect gift for birthdays or the upcoming holiday!  The pattern is designed for the Amazon Kindle but can easily be adapted to the Nook, or any other tablet.

Kindle Cover Tutorial

Just after Baby Girl was born, my husband surprised me with a Nook Color.  It was heaven-sent for those middle of the night feedings with a new baby.  Even now that she sleeps through the night it’s amazing how much more I’ve been reading again since having it!  I’ve definitely gotten our money out of it. 

Something like this would make a great “outfit” for it.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday Pattern Sharing 9/10/11

Fall is starting to make its appearance here in Southeast Idaho — there’s a chill in the morning air, the apples on my tree are starting to turn red and the flowers/foliage in the mountains are ever-so-slightly beginning a metamorphosis to their stunning fall hues. 

Which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas gifts ideas! 



Last year I had an overly ambitious plan — almost everyone on my list had a handmade item to go along with another gift.  I think I ended up making a new tree skirt for us and some adorable outfits for my niece (who also had a birthday just before the holiday).  I guess prepping the house for the arrival of baby, running a business AND being 9 months pregnant was just a little more than I anticipated.  This year I hope to do better and make more stuff.

Anyway…here’s a great tutorial over at Skip to my Lou for some quick and easy hot pads to make for yourself or for anyone else who needs a little holiday cheer.

Happy sewing!