Saturday Pattern Sharing 7/30/11

My 4 year old absolutely adores knit dresses.  I think at one time I counted 12 of them hanging in a pretty little row in her closet. I like them because they’re super easy to take care of and she can throw them on quickly, without looking like a crumpled mess.  So when I saw this cute tutorial on make it and love it this morning, I was super excited.



With a trip to Wal-Mart in the very near future — probably as soon as I get done posting this as our fridge is horribly bare after being on vacation for the past week — I might just have to snag myself a couple of cute clearance tees.


Happy Sewing!

Site Update

The new site is still a work in progress and for now, I don’t have a definitive finish date.

My vision is that the new site is much more than just a blog (as this started out to be).  It will be a full-service website with an e-commerce platform, a blog, photo galleries, etc.  We’re making progress but have hit some major (and greatly unexpected) setbacks.

So stay tuned–when it’s time to launch the new site I’ll come up with something fun to promote it.  :)


4th of July Fun

This year for the holiday, I was determined to make something cute for my girls.  In the past I’ve always relied on something fairly inexpensive I could purchase from the store (t-shirts from Old Navy, etc.) but this year I wanted them to have outfits that were unique and somewhat coordinating.  At the same time I wanted to use fabrics that had red/white/blue but not stars and strips.  This would hopefully mean they’d be able to wear them after the 4th without looking like they were stuck in a time warp.

At one of my ever so frequent trips to the fabric store I stumbled upon an adorable print a couple of weeks ago that I knew would be perfect!  So last week, in between sewing to fill orders I crafted a couple of things for the girls.

I knew our day would include the parade and a BBQ with friends so I opted for pants for Big Girl instead of a skirt/dress.  Less chance of accidental underwear flashing that way.  And at almost 5 years old I’m getting a little particular about keeping her skirts/dresses down. I used Whimsy Couture’s pattern for Ruffle Capris and Pants.  It’s a super easy pattern and I love being able to customize the length.


Ruffle Capris using pattern by Whimsy Couture



For Baby Girl, I wanted a bubble romper.  Even though she’s not (overly) mobile –but certainly working on it– I didn’t want to hassle with making a diaper cover for a dress.   I also used another one of Whimsy Couture’s patterns in this case too, but modified the top slightly so it wasn’t all one fabric.  Since Big Girl’s pants had the solid blue ruffle I felt it would look better if Baby Girl’s incorporated the solid blue too. The top was also shirred more than in her tutorial.


Bubble Romper for Baby Girl


I love, love, love how they both turned out! Both pieces got a ton of compliments throughout the day.  Big Girl has even asked that I make her some more pants since she liked her new ones so much.