Limited Quanitities Left!

In the last year, the most popular item in my shop has been the Eyelet Sundress with the double ribbon detail on skirt.  When I first created this item I never knew it would be such a great seller!  They work beautifully for flowergirl dresses and I’ve sold through yards and yards of this beautiful eyelet fabric.

Unfortunately, the fabric is no longer available from the source!  I’m down to about 6 yards in my inventory — enough to make about 3 more dresses, give or take depending on the sizes.

So if you’ve been eying them, make sure to purchase one while they’re still available.  Once the fabric is gone I’ll update the listing, changing the dress to use eyelet with the single ribbon detail (shown here in the pillowcase dresses).

Saturday Pattern Sharing 5/14/11

I’m reaching WAY back in my bookmarks for today’s pattern.  It’s been on my to-do list for almost a year–I even have the fabric purchased for it–but I just haven’t taken the time to do it.  Big Girl loves her dolls and I thought this would be a fantastic project for her.  Maybe I’ll get to it before her birthday rolls around in November…

Today’s pattern is a Moses Basket for your favorite baby doll — by Juni at Pretty Things.

Doll's Basket Tutorial

Happy Sewing!

5-Minute Projects

One of the greatest ways to start off the day is to finish up a project!  It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something significant right off the bat.  Which is why 5-minute projects like these “babylegs”, aka leg warmers, were a jump start to my morning!

Big Girl's new Leg Warmers

I didn’t take pictures as I went; I was in a hurry!  I thought I’d be able to sneak down to the sewing room for 5-minutes to whip these things out.  Leaving the girls content in the living room for about the same amount of time as needed to switch loads of laundry. However when I sewed the one with the seam facing the wrong side it took me closer to 8-minutes instead of the hoped-for 5.

Project Details:

Project Reviews:

  • Big Girl loves them!  She’s already requested I wash them immediately so they’re ready to wear to gymnastics tonight. 
  • I couldn’t believe how simple this was.  I’ll be scouring the stores for clearance socks from now on.

Happy Sewing!

Behind the Seams — About Me

Two years ago I wrote this on my personal blog.  I thought it would be fun to share here as well.

50 (plus) Activities I Love…

  1. Sipping coffee while watching the sun rise
  2. Planting flowers in the garden and flower beds
  3. Picking flowers from mountain meadows
  4. Watching fruits/vegetables grow from seed into something edible, knowing that I helped to make it happen
  5. Laying in the grass and watching the clouds
  6. Driving on dirt roads
  7. Getting flowers for no apparent reason
  8. Driving past the entrance of Yellowstone
  9. Watching Old Faithful erupt
  10. Spending time in Arches National Park
  11. Drinking beer at Moab Brewery
  12. Exploring new places
  13. Traveling with my husband and daughter[s]
  14. Having family/friends visit
  15. Wandering through fabric shops, looking at beautiful fabrics
  16. Picking out fabrics and planning new craft projects
  17. Taking fabrics and turning them into a beautiful gift, watching the pieces morph into something before my eyes
  18. Hiking into a valley I’ve never seen before
  19. Spending 3 days on a backpacking trip and never seeing or hearing another person (besides those in the group)
  20. Shopping with my sisters
  21. Driving tractor, working ground
  22. Sleeping in and waking up to a day that holds no plans
  23. Going out to breakfast unexpectedly
  24. Reading the newspaper on a lazy Sunday
  25. Napping with the dogs on a random weekday afternoon
  26. Snowshoeing through fresh powder
  27. Casting my fly-line onto a perfectly still tailwater
  28. Cooking delicious meals for my friends/family
  29. Spending holidays with people I love
  30. Picking out perfect presents
  31. Having great conversations with friends
  32. Sharing the things I love with my daughter[s]
  33. Eating decadent desserts
  34. Reconnecting with old friends
  35. Drinking coffee at my mom’s kitchen table
  36. Planning and carrying out home improvement projects
  37. Finding the perfect pair of jeans in a store
  38. Taking time to spoil myself — pedicures, massages, facials
  39. Landing in Detroit Metro airport, knowing that I’ll see people I love in a short amount of time
  40. Flying over the Wasatch Mountains in Utah
  41. Walking in the door of my home after being gone for a few days
  42. Rolling the windows down in my 4Runner and turning the volume UP on the radio
  43. Road trips, either by myself or with other people, no matter what the distance
  44. Looking through old pictures
  45. Decorating my house for Christmas
  46. Dressing up and going out with my husband
  47. Roasting marshmallows over a campfire
  48. Drinking wine/beer/cocktails with girlfriends
  49. Helping friends in need, especially when unexpected
  50. Snuggling on the couch, eating popcorn and watching cheesy movies
  51. Playing fetch in the backyard with the dogs
  52. Dancing for no reason other than hearing music
  53. Watching my child discover new things
  54. Making snow angels in the front yard (and the yards of our neighbors)
  55. Sipping hot chocolate after playing in the snow
  56. Spending a weekend camping in the mountains with no TV, no internet and no cell phone service
  57. Not having to leave the house on a rainy day
  58. Crawling into bed after a long day
  59. Reading books that have nothing to do with my job, being a parent or wife, or containing any instructions
  60. Picking lilacs in the spring
  61. Playing/watching softball
  62. Watching the sunrise over Lake Huron
  63. Camping under the stars
  64. Going for ice cream at Reed’s Dairy
  65. Dayhikes in the mountains
  66. Going out to dinner with friends
  67. Watching the sunset, sitting on the back patio

I find 15-17 especially interesting.

Monday May-hem

Yes, it’s Monday.

Yes, it’s May.

But no, no hems today.  I’m working with ruffle fabric today.  No need to hem.  Thankfully.

It is crazy around here though.  I sat down this morning and tried to put together a to-do list for the shop.  In the midst of pulling items out of my crowded head and getting them on paper, my doctor’s office called, the dogs tromped through the mud in the backyard and needed to be hosed down before being let back in the house, Big Girl decided she needed breakfast, Baby Girl woke up needing a diaper change and breakfast herself, the cable installer scheduled to be here between 10 and 12 today called, my phone kept  beeping with text messages…all of which combined at just the right speed to make my brain hit overload.

Which meant I walked away from my interrupted list to get a second cup of coffee (I opted for a caffeinated variety this time instead of the decaf cup I made when I first got up) and clear my head for a minute.

When I sat back down I came up with even more things that needed to be done.  I’m sure that I’m overlooking stuff too.

  1. 2 sundresses for a wedding order
  2. 3 petti ruffle rompers
  3. 1 pair of ruffle pants for a donation event
  4. 1 halter top to send off to a photographer
  5. 6 items off for photography that need to be checked on
  6. 2 custom dresses for a photo shoot
  7. 1 custom dress and a matching bonnet for a photo shoot
  8. 1 custom eyelet dress and matching pants
  9. 1 pair of overalls en-route for alterations
  10. 1 pair of overalls as a standing order
  11. inquiries on 4 dresses
  12. inquiries on 1 or 2 shirred peasant tops

And this is just sewing stuff — it doesn’t include emails, book keeping, marketing or website stuff (and doesn’t even come close to touching normal household/day to day stuff). Yikes!

If you need me, I’ll be down in my sewing room.  Speak loudly though; I might be talking to myself.  😉

Safety First!

I’m not always the most graceful person.  It’s better now than it was 2 years ago (before my surgery I had trouble with coordination and gross motor skills at times — dropping my keys, bumping into walls, tripping over my own feet) but I still have my moments.  Usually it’s something benign and I just sport a bruise or a scrape for a few days.

This morning I was working on pulling the gathering stitches out of a dress I’m working on.  I went to set the seam ripper down and dropped it a couple of inches from the work surface.  In a series of kinetics that happened too quickly for me to prepare for, the rounded heavy end hit the desk, pointing the sharp end of the seam ripper upwards into the palm of my hand.  Not being able to react quick enough (because frankly I didn’t realize it was happening), I jammed it into almost the exact center of my palm.

Thankfully it seems to have gone in on an angle so the wound is less severe than the deep puncture wound that could have occurred.  And thankfully, my tetanus shot was updated before my surgery two years ago.  This thing certainly hurts though!

On the downside, I don’t think I’m able to file workman’s comp for my injury.  Nor can I take a day or two off to allow it to heal.  Rumor has it my boss doesn’t take too kindly to either action.  Perhaps some restructuring of work policies is in order.  😉

And no, I couldn’t get a photo of it to show you.  It’s on my right hand and I can’t run the camera with just my left.

My New Sewing Love

Over the last few months, I’ve seen numerous mentions about this nifty little sewing/crafting notion called WashAway Wonder Tape.  Fellow sewists raved about how great it is to work with and how much simpler it makes projects.  Especially when adding trim or ribbons to a garment.  I just filed the stuff away under “items you might want to try out at a future date” in that tiny little space at the back of my brain.

When browsing (aka “killing time while husband is at home with both kids and I’m allowed to go to the fabric store by myself”) one of my favorite locally-owned small crafting/fabric stores two weekends ago I saw it on the shelf.  $5.99 for 10 yards??!!  Wow!  It seemed a little steep in price for me.  But I grabbed a package and threw it in my basket to try it out.  It’s just money, right?

Boy was I surprised when I got it home.

Holy, moly!  This stuff rocks!  Enough that I caught myself dancing around the sewing room and calling my husband downstairs to show him this nifty stuff (he doesn’t sew, but is an engineer so he appreciates handy gadgets).

It’s double-sided, not overly sticky, tape that washes away!  You use it to adhere items together — fabric to fabric, zippers to fabric, trim to fabric — it’s perfect for projects that are difficult to pin (or in my case when I hate to pin in general).  I used it when putting ribbon on some padded camera straps last Saturday.  It is super easy to apply, holds the ribbon in place perfectly and doesn’t gum up your sewing needles.

I might have to buy stock in this stuff I like it so much!  It’s definitely going to be an item that is always stocked in my sewing supplies from now on.  Well worth the price in my opinion.

You need to try it out yourself!