Hawthorne Threads Giveaway

Two of my favorite things collide — Hawthorne Threads and Riley Blake!



From the Hawthorne Threads newsletter:

We’ve just received word that Riley Blakes newest collection Sugar and Spice has shipped out to us and will arrive here next week! I cannot wait for this one!

For this week’s Giveaway we are offering the chance to win a Layer Cake of 10″x10″ squares of this lovely collection.The lucky winner will be selected at random Wednesday March 16th and will be announced in our weekly newsletter. As always, International customers are welcomed to participate in the Giveaway!


Head over to their website to enter the giveaway and good luck!

Free Quilt Patterns

I know, I know.  It’s not Saturday and I’m posting free patterns.  I couldn’t help it though — with patterns this cute it makes me wish I had the time to get back to quilting.


On a side not, if anyone knows how to add an extra 4-6 hours to the day, please let me know.  I’d be forever indebted to you.  😉

What’s Ahead

At just over 2-months old, Baby Girl seems to have this inane knack for waking up as soon as I sit down at my sewing machine (or serger).  It’s as if she hears the click of the power switch as I toggle it on from the other side of the house, through numerous doors and walls, and her eyes snap open in response.

The hard part is that she’s still in the stage where she’d much rather be held than anything else.  Not just held though, but held while the holder is walking around the house, bouncing with each step.  This magical dance that must occur makes it difficult to accomplish much of anything.  (One of these days I should attach a pedometer to my hip to track my movement around and around and around the house.) It seems to be a rare occurrence where she’ll sit in her bouncer chair for 10 minutes, lay on the play mat long enough for me to go to the bathroom alone or even be content to hang out in a sling or wrap, tight to my chest.

I know though, that this time in her infancy is fleeting and before I know it, she’ll be asking for my keys and to push curfew as late as she can.  So I try to sew in short 10-minute burst when possible and enjoy the time she wants to be in my arms.

The biggest downfall is that I’m spending more time on the computer buying fabrics and patterns than I am sitting at my machines creating adorable outfits.  With spring starting to show its smiling face in many parts of the country I need to get cranking out some new items.

Especially when stuff is as cute as this…

The New Space

In preparing for the arrival of Baby Girl, my sewing studio — studio sounds so much more professional and productive than room, doesn’t it?! — was relocated.  Before it shared space with our guest room, vying for what little free area it could grab.  There was an old desk that I used to set a machine on.  A single machine.  So I was constantly rotating my sewing machine and serger when I needed them.  All of my sewing supplies were tucked into drawers of the desk or stuck in containers on a shelf that overflowed in the corner.

When we began talking about where we were going to put a nursery, it became evident that the best choice was the guest/sewing room.  We had a designated “office” that was barely used for it’s intended purpose — mainly due to wireless internet  on our laptops and my lack of a formal job anymore — so it was decided that the office would become my new sewing studio.  At some time too we’d build a murphy bed in there to house our guest bed.

The transformation is still a work in progress but so far, it’s been a fantastic change!  It’s so much easier for me to sew and work on projects in the bigger space.  I actually can stretch out and not have to worry about digging through drawers and bins to find what I need.

And the best part!  We took the outdated, unused desktop computer down and I’m using the l-shaped desk for my sewing desk!  Ahhh…it’s fabulous to be able to swivel between my sewing machine and serger instantaneously.  The desk also has a pull out piece for a keyboard that fits my laptop perfectly.  That way I can have my laptop right there, yet out of the way, if I need to check on something written in a pattern or reference the internet when I’m having sewing problems.

The book case that used to house all my reference books from college and office supplies is now used for sewing supplies.  I actually have space to leave my cutting table open all the time and I snagged an unused 3-drawer (rolling!) organizer from the garage for fabric scraps.

My fabric storage hasn’t changed much, except I also now have random boxes, storage containers and laundry baskets full of my larger cuts of fabric.  I still need more storage obviously.  Either that or I need to stop buying fabric.  Which isn’t an option.  😉

The shelf that used to overflow in the corner of the guest room was stained a darker color to match the sewing room furniture and is now my shipping/office supply center.  (This is what I was organizing when my water broke!)  I need to find a way to mask some of the cords — maybe a piece of fabric attached to the back of the shelving unit.

But this!  This is my eyesore and the area that needs the most work!  The large bins of fabric from projects-past, the containers of unfinished projects and the miscellany still need a home.  I’m debating buying a 48″ wardrobe to house everything.  The hangup is that my vehicle isn’t large enough to put a piece of furniture that size in (even if it’s unassembled) so I need hubby to bring it home.  However hubby isn’t on my business accounts so I need to pay for it.  Getting to the home improvement store with all 4 of us in one vehicle just hasn’t happened yet.  Plus that would force me to actually take the time to sort through and organize that entire pile of stuff.

Although it is another great benefit to have an iron and ironing board right in my sewing area.  Before I just used the one in our bedroom so I was constantly running back/forth across the house to press fabric and seams.

It’s amazing how much more efficient I am in this space, even if my sewing time has decreased drastically for the time being.