Etsy Treasuries

I was featured in two great Etsy treasuries over the weekend!  Treasuries are galleries of items that are curated by other Etsy members and then posted on the Treasury section.


Treasury #1 —  LIFE IS A MERRY GO ROUND by ittybittybirdy




The Treasury Challenge was coordinated by Team Discovery, a wonderful group of Etsy members promoting undiscovered shops.


Thanks Team Discovery!

Saturday Pattern Sharing 10/30/10

Another great Christmas craft idea for all with little ones in your lives!


Crayon Roll by Skip To My Lou


I discovered early on that it was imperative to keep a small notebook and some writing utensils in my purse for entertainment during doctor’s appointments, waiting for prescriptions at the pharmacy and waiting to be seated at restaurants.  Typically the request is for something different than the boring black pen that is a staple item in my shoulder bag.  I try to keep a small zip top baggie instead that contains the remnants of free restaurant crayons but that often gets chastised as boring too since the colors are limited.

A crayon roll would certainly cut down on the use of the term boring when stuck waiting.  Perhaps I should add this to the list of projects to complete before the holiday.  😉

Holiday Skirt Design

I’m sitting here this morning, sipping my coffee, and mulling over some ideas for constructing a new skirt for the holidays.  I have some leftover Robert Kaufman fabric in red/white/black that I’d love to turn into something more winter-ish and festive.

This is the fabric I’m talking about (the 2 prints, not the white broadcloth):


Robert Kaufman Peasant Dress by Stitch To Stitch on Etsy


I’m thinking about making a cute twirl skirt using this pattern from Fabritopia:


Edith Twirl Skirt

I want to use the main fabric from the peasant dress for the top layer of the skirt and possibly the trim (red with black and white bursts) for the ruffle hem on the bottom layer.  Then instead of using white broadcloth I’ll use red or black to make the skirt more appropriate for a cooler season.

It would be adorable paired with a black turtleneck sweater or cardigan and chunky tights for Christmas pictures!  Maybe even black matching corduroy pants for any brothers in the family…

Saturday Pattern Sharing 10/23/10

(Oh, boy!  Yet another project that has been put on my to-do list before baby comes.  I still don’t have anything to put my laptop in when I leave the house.  Oops.  Since updating the internet world on the new addition is high priority, I guess I’d better make sure this one gets done.  😉  )


I’m beginning to see a theme here in terms of where I “collect” my patterns/tutorials from!  There are a couple of websites that I absolutely love the ideas they produce.  I’m trying to branch out but once you find favorites — at least in my case — it’s hard to branch out.

Today’s pattern is for a sleeve that can be used to cover your favorite electronic gadgets.  The picture obviously says laptop sleeve but you could easily alter the measurements to make a cover for your laptop, kindle, iPad, etc.

Thanks to Lindsay over at The Cottage Home for another great pattern!



This is another great idea for Christmas projects!  Happy Sewing.

Favorite (Non-Etsy) Fabric Shops

Unfortunately, I live in a small(er) town and our selection of local fabric stores is incredibly limited.  So when searching for cute new fabrics to use for STS projects I turn to the internet.

Here are some of my favorite places to buy fabric from online.




And of course, I’m also scouring my favorite Etsy shops but I’ll post those in another post.  What are some of YOUR favorite online fabric stores?


I’ve hit that point where I’m trying to find the right balance between working on STS projects and getting stuff done around the house in preparation for the baby.  It’s not all baby-related projects but more a medley of projects that I’ve been setting aside for the last year (since my brain surgery) that haven’t been completed.

I’ve been sewing baby blankets, fixing ripped comforters (and recursing at my dogs for ripping them to begin with), completing projects for friends and their upcoming babies, sewing STS dresses, making hooded towels…I’m beat.

But this kind of cuteness makes it worthwhile!

Cloth Baby Shoes

I used a pattern downloaded from the Micheal Miller Fabrics website.  Overall, the pattern is great and I’ll be keeping it to use in the future (i.e. after this baby is born and I know what colors to make baby items in — we’re those crazy people that wait until delivery to find out if its a girl/boy).  The pattern is written in a way that is super simple to follow and the list of materials is short and simple too.  Sewing these itty bitty things takes a little bit of time and patience though.  They’re definitely not something that I could just whip right through.  Maybe with some practice the process would go much more quickly.  That being said, I was trying to sew them, manage rotating loads of laundry and oversee a toddler craft project all at the same time.  Surprisingly everything came together without too many mishaps and no need to pull out my seam ripper.

I chose not to line them with interfacing (I didn’t have any and was too lazy to load us into the car to drive across town) like the pattern states.  If I was using a less structured fabric, instead of corduroy, I might choose to line them so they have more stiffness in the fabric.  I also didn’t have any cute buttons on hand to put on the top so I skipped those too (once again, too lazy to load us into the car to drive across town).

Even with those changes I still think they turned out super cute!

The biggest drawback to this pattern is it’s only sized for 0-6 months but I think that could easily be remedied by increasing the pattern piece sizing on your copier/printer to get a bigger size.

Saturday Pattern Sharing 10/16/10

Oops!  I thought I already had something written and scheduled to post today.  My apologies…

The Monster Pillow by Moda Bake Shop


For some reason it reminds me of one of the Yo Gabba Gabba characters…I’m still on the fence if I’ll try to make one for the little girl or not.  I’ll have to see whether or not she likes the pattern or would cry when I gave it to her.  Sometimes I just can’t gauge what kind of reaction I’m going to get.

The Good & The Bad of The Internet

There’s been a lot of discussion the past few days about a new feature that is available on Etsy.  Up until now, as sellers (and buyers) we were only known as the username we registered with.  Within the last couple of days they’ve implemented the ability for users to add their full first/last name to their profiles. Some people are in full favor of it; others think it’s a bad idea.

This part is the cause for discussion right now:

If you provide your name during site registration or add it to your public profile, it will be displayed on your Etsy profile, favorites and feedback pages, and will be accessible to search engines. Note that your name is your personal name, and is separate from your username or shop name.

Some people are concerned about the accessibility to search engines and how that affects their internet “privacy”.

My thoughts?

As a shop owner, I think that it could be really beneficial if people could search for us by our real names.  Sometimes friends/family forget store names and would rather look them up by the owner.  If I was solely a buyer on Etsy I wouldn’t put my real name on my profile.  The purpose now would solely be to drive more traffic to my store.  There is nothing associated with my Etsy store  or account that could possibly embarrass me or that I wouldn’t want people to see.

As buyers what do you think?  Do you think it’s advantageous to be able to search Etsy shops by the real name of the owner?


On a side note — I suppose though, when your name is googled and 90% the first 6 pages of results really are you anyways, anonymity on the internet seems like a fairly moot point.  😉

Dress Code

It’s typically very casual attire around here.  Many days we work in our pajamas, as ashamed as I am to admit that.  But today was a high class day in the Stitch To Stitch studio.

Fashionistas do say that the accessories make the outfit.

Unplugged and Recharged

My creativity (at least in terms of Stitch To Stitch stuff) has been waning lately.  If I was a betting person, I’d put my money on the impending arrival of this new baby, tending to the bounty of this summer’s somewhat pitiful garden harvest or preparing for the onslaught of upcoming birthdays and holidays.  There have been some really cute new listings that have gone up lately (check out the adorable new corduroy twirl skirts — but I haven’t worked much on constructing new garment ideas.

While busy with these other activities I’ve been focusing on some of the behind the scenes aspects of the store.  Marketing and advertising primarily.  I’m trying to drive more internet traffic to my store.  The more traffic through, the greater the likelihood of sales.  Or even just having them pass along the site URL to someone else that might be interested.  Last week I had an all time high traffic day, with views well over three times my normal.  My goal is to keep those numbers increasing.

For someone with a background in science and research, this marking/advertising aspect is tough.  It drains me trying to come up with new ideas even when I read all the helpful guides that are available for people like me.  I find that it does encroach on my sewing creativity.  I need to find a good balance between the two as there’s no point in increasing traffic to the Etsy shop if there aren’t new/cute items for buyers to look through.

So last weekend we spent the weekend in the mountains.  In a beautiful, out of the way canyon with no cell phones, no internet, no sewing machine and no TV.   Surrounded by nature, pelted by a few raindrops and immersed in the sights and sounds of a Western mountain fall.

The weekend away helped to reset my creativity; my hope is that this momentum continues on and doesn’t dwindle quickly.