Pattern Sharing, Revisited

On 9/11/10, I posted a pattern for the Classic Tote…it finally came to fruition.  I used fabric that I had on hand — a plum colored home decor cotton.  It has more weight/structure to it than a quilting fabric or calico so it will (hopefully) hold up a little bit better to every day wear and tear.

I was surprised at how big and roomy the bag is when completed.  This would work perfectly as a beach tote, a library book carrier or a simple overnight bag.

The bottom has nice gussets in it, so it gives the bag a little big of structure and shape.  This fabric isn’t stiff enough on its own to let the bag “stand” but that’s not a huge deal in my opinion.  You could always add interfacing if you wanted it more rigid.

Overall though, I was really pleased.  Start to finish I was done within two hours and that included time outs to work on play-doh projects with the small one.  I might try to make one a little smaller and see how I like it versus this size.  Definitely a project to keep in mind for the future!

September Sneak Peak

Fall seems like a fabulous time to create some adorable items using corduroy!  The skirt is a work in progress but it will definitely be listed in the store soon!  (My thoughts were to lengthen the beige corduroy and shorten the brown broadcloth at the bottom.)

I’m envisioning it with tights and boots…too cute.

What do you think?

Saturday’s Pattern Sharing 9/25/10

(Sorry about not getting a pattern up last week. Sickness overtook the STS household–at least it overtook me and the household barely held on to being functional–and computer time was scarce.)


If you’re like me, you’re starting to draw together ideas for Christmas gifts.  Maybe you’re making big projects for those you love; maybe your budget is tight and you can only make small items; maybe you just want some smaller projects to fill in the gaps or have on hand for people that drop off unexpected cookie plates.  No matter the case I thought it would be fun to start posting some cute ideas for holiday gifts.

I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned neck/muscle warmer.  The kind that is filled with some sort of small grain and zapped in the microwave to warm up slightly.  To me, a heating pad just doesn’t cut it.  It never seems to contour well to whatever body part I’m babying and I’m always getting wrapped up in a cord.  Plus, it’s nice to not have to worry about turning something off that’s plugged into the wall and typicall sandwiched between me and layers upon layers of combustible materials (pillows, sheets, blankets, mattress, etc.).

A while back I started making these rice neck warmers for friends.  For a small amount of money you could easily whip up one within a short amount of time.

Materials needed (aside from thread and sewing machine):

  • 20×11″ fabric for outer covering (I usually do flannel to help hold the heat)
  • 20×11″ fabric for inner rice bag (solid, ie. cheap, broadcloth works well)
  • 4 cups of rice, wheat or flax seed.

I’d post some pictures of the ones I’ve made, but it seems as though I have NO photos of all the ones I’ve made and given away.  Hmmm.  I guess I need to get better about photographing the projects I finish before wrapping them up in pretty paper.

Pants Projects

After completely scrapping my original idea and starting over, the boys pants that I put together are great.  They are so much better than the idea I first thought up.  I sent them off to a photographer friend of mine this morning — with a corresponding outfit for his sister of course — and can’t wait to get feedback on them.  I look forward to the pictures she creates as well!

As soon as I get them back there will be listings written for the boy’s pants, the girl’s outfit and a matching boy/girl sibling set.

In other news, the striped fabric I bought is more green than gray so I’m on a hunt to find a good solid color fabric to use as the main color for the pants.  One of the drawbacks to buying fabrics online, unseen…

Bigger Sizes

The ever popular knot dress is now available in sizes ranging from 6M to 9/10!

I’m working on making other patterns available in larger sizes too. As they become available I’ll post here and on the FB fanpage.

If there is a listing you absolutely *have* to have in a bigger size than what I am offering (unless it’s a one of a kind item, made using scrap fabrics) PLEASE contact me and let’s see if we can work something out.   Many things are possible with a few measurements of your little one and some arithmetic on my part.  😉

I :heart: a Good Deal

Even more so, I love being able to share them with other people!

I love using Maxi-Lock serger thread in my serger.  I’ve never had trouble with it fraying or breaking and it is really soft and smooth when I sew with it.  The trouble though is the cost can add up — here locally I can spend between $3.95–4.59 per spool for a 3000 yard “cone” of it.  Granted, that quantity lasts a while but when buying 4 cones at a time (if you want all 4 threads to match) it can get spendy.  Especially if you want to stock up and have all sorts of fun colors to work with.  Like I’m trying to do.  :)

So I was super excited a few months ago when I did a quick internet search for serger thread and stumbled upon Sew True Sewing & Alteration Supplies.  They sell their Maxi-Lock 3000 yard cones for about half the price of what I can find them locally!  Shipping is reasonably priced and quick too so I’m not waiting a month on a new order.

Pssst.  They’re also a great source for machine needles.

Weekend Fun

Sometimes I get too busy with housework, appointments and sewing for the store that I forget to take time to sew for fun.  I forget to enjoy myself and work on projects that have no deadline, no price tag and no preemptive motive other than enjoyment.

Friday when we were hanging out in my sewing room, I let Baby Girl dig through my pre-Stitch To Stitch scrap bin.  Which means all of the fabrics that I’ve amassed over the last 10 years working on baby blankets, quilts, curtains and other random projects.  As she dug deeper and deeper I got the idea to let her pick out fabric so we could whip up some doll blankets for her dollies.

We settled on 3 fabrics — 2 flannels from a rag quilt done in 2005 and pink minky.  Here’s what we churned out (with her sitting on my lap “helping” to sew part of the time) in about 30 minutes on Saturday.  They’re not elaborate but I let her guide me so they’re exactly what she wanted.

Pink minky on one side, flannel hearts on the other. Machine quilted using a random geometric pattern.

Purple dots on both sides, fringed edges.

Purple dot flannel on one side, heart flannel on other. Machine quilted in a star pattern.

The dollies napped all afternoon snuggled in their new blankets and everyone was tucked in tightly that night, excited to have such pretty new things to sleep with.

And me?  What a fun way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon.

Saturday’s Pattern Sharing 9/11/10

I’m a huge fan of the website Sew, Mama, Sew!  The tutorials she has posted are creative and  the instructions are easy to follow.  When I was looking through the website the other day I came across a tutorial for a classic tote bag.

Classic Tote Tutorial

I’m thinking this would make a great gift for my home care nurse.  She’s mentioned more than once how “drab” her supply bag is but how she never thinks to look for a new one.  Over the last 15 weeks she’s come to be so much more than my nurse, but a friend as well.  I’d love to be able to make one of these for her.