It’s So Cute I Can Barely Contain Myself

Isn’t this absolutely adorable?

It was a custom order for a friend.  I will definitely be listing similar sets on my store, with the option of pantaloons like this (where it’s gathered with elastic at the ankles) or just ruffle pants.  I’ve also toyed with the idea of doing the lining and pants in different colors instead of just the antique white.

Too cute!


This is a preview of what I’m ordering.  I wanted something simple for now.  Maybe in the future I’ll design something a little bit more “showy”.

The first one is to make my items CPSIA compliant.  It pretty much tracks an item back to the manufacturer should their be a recall (this mainly stems from the problems and resulting recalls of imported children’s toys over the last couple years) and buyers need to check if they are affected.  It will fold in half and be sewn in — probably at the neck or waist line — so that all you see at first is the store name and website.

The second label meets the FTC requirements for care instructions.  I’m not sure if I will sew them in with the first label or attach them inside a side seam.  That will be determined once I get them and see them in person.

Yay!  One more thing to check off of my “to-do” list for launch!

Patterns in Paisley

A while back I bought a pattern from a fantastic shop — Whimsy Couture.  Last week I bought some patterns for a new dress design, ruffle pants and a layered/tiered skirt.  Her patterns are fantastic.  Very easy to read and the results are beautiful.

After buying from her before I came across her blog and began following it.  Last week I stumbled upon something incredibly fun! Much to my delight she announced that she needed pattern testers for knot overalls; I waited patiently for the announcement, hoping that I could secure myself a spot to try the pattern out.

And I got one! Even though I didn’t open the email until 2 days after she sent me the pattern, I was beyond thrilled to get the opportunity to try it out. (I didn’t think I’d get a spot since I was so late to respond.)

This is DEFINITELY an item that will go in my shop once she has the full pattern available for sale!

If she can do somersaults in it, it definitely has her approval!  Mine too.  😉

Officially Official

A highly anticipated letter came in the mail yesterday from the Secretary of State.

STITCH TO STITCH is officially recognized as a business entity in the state of Idaho!

Woohoo!  Yeah, it’s only a silly piece of paper with a stamp and signature on it but it means that I’m official.  No one else in the state can take my shop name and my tax identification number should follow shortly.

My business cards, thank you tags and some miscellaneous marketing “stuff” (i.e. magnets, a pen — both free from Vist@print) were delivered the other day too.  When I was talking shop in the fabric store yesterday it was really fun to be able to pull one out and offer to someone.  Thankfully too, she asked for a couple more after I gave her the first.

I’m sure it sounds silly to some people but these little details mean a great deal to me.  It’s so cool to see the pieces of it all start to come together.

Making Strides

Step by step, I’m getting there.  One by one I’m checking things off of my “to-do” list:

  • mission statement written
  • applied for an assumed business name with the state of Idaho
  • applied for (and received) my seller’s permit to collect (and therefore pay back) Idaho sales tax
  • applied for a tax identification number
  • ordered polymailers for shipping
  • ordered business cards, return address labels, thank you tags.

Still on the list of “to-do”:

  • finish business plan
  • finalize pricing
  • order garment and care labels to meet CPSIA/FTC guidelines
  • finalize Etsy shop policies
  • rough drafts of product listings
  • sew
  • sew
  • sew

I’m pushing my launch back until the middle of May if not the beginning of June.  I’ll gauge it as I go.